Friday, May 30, 2008

Write a Summer Book Review!

Catch the READING Bug!
Click on "COMMENTS" at the end of this post and write a few lines about a book you've read and tell why you liked it. (Be sure to give the title and author.) Or, if you'd rather write the review on paper and give it to someone on staff @ your library, we will post the review for you!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


There have been recent sitings of bugs at Morton Elementary School. A grasshopper, a red wasp and a bumblebee were seen roaming the halls recently to tell students about the Summer Reading Program at Morton Public Library. Many thanks to the grasshopper (Brady Bradshaw), the red wasp (Brooks Holifield) and the bumblee (Bailey Bradshaw) for helping tell all the children about CATCH THE READING BUG!!!

Join us for our first program on Thursday, June 5, at 2:00. The program is The Good, The Bad & The (B)Ugly.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Start with a square...

Or any shape if you dare.

Talented Mississippian Chuck Galey, author and illustrator, was the first performance of the summer reading program for the Pearl Public Library. He was received well by the children, parents and staff.

He explained the process of how books are born and showed his various sketches for books he has illustrated. One of the coolest elements he added to the program was a particpatory activity where he asked the children to use geometric shapes to create bugs. After he finished one bug he asked the crowd to name the bug using the geometric shapes names. Some memorable new bug names include "He-doo", "Tricyloval", "Bugsy", "Posionous Trapezoid", or "Buzzy Bob".

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Dynamic Duo

Recently, two of the Pearl Public Library's (PPL) youngest patrons were featured in the Rankin Ledger on Saturday, May 17. I felt very proud to have them featured and to have them represent PPL. Along with their families, they are two of the most avid readers and supporters of PPL's Pearl Peanut Story Time and Preschool Story Time programs. Below is the link for the entire story.

SRP Sponsors who Totally Rock!

(Description: Youth Services Supervisor Office with bees and beehives)

A Swarm of Thanks to the Summer Reading sponsors

for the Pearl Public Library!!!

Sponsors make an incredible difference to the library.

Bumpers Drive-In
Dennis and McRee Auto Repair
Mr. and Mrs. Ruff
Mr. and Mrs. Vess
Mr. and Mrs. Villa
Mrs. Bowen
Mrs. Duplichain
Pearl Friends of the Library
Sicily's Italian Buffet Restaurant
Waffle House

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pre-flight Kick off For Summer Reading

Monday May 19th, 5pm to 7pm
Brandon Public Library will hold a Registration kick off for Summer Reading, with Hot Dogs in the Park.
It is for ages up to 13 years old.
Come sign up for all our summer events and get a gift packet, free hot dog, and a schedule of when our events will be.
Sneak Peek
We will have magic, and puppets, clowns, movies and even snakes. There will also be time to hear some buggy stories and make some cool crafts and time to sing and grove to a buggin beat.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What do I do this summer...

Visit your library!!!

This year marks my 5th summer reading program and it also marks my 1st year to supervise one! I have had a "Funtastic" time "Stepping to the beat" about the importance of literacy, using every resource from my figurative "Paws, Claws, Scales, and Tales", learning how to "Get a Clue" about a library's worth to its community.

As stated in an earlier comment, the Pearl Public Library is offering a 6-week summer reading program, "Catch the Reading Bug", designed for K-6th children and a 5-week program, "Metamorphosis", for young adults ages 13-17!

There is a wealth of knowledge and excitement in your library and the best part is that the services your library offers are ALL FREE! Below is a summer reading program schedule for the Pearl Public Library but you can go to for other libraries' schedules.

Catch the Reading Bug
(Kindergarten-6th grade)
All children's programs are Thursdays at 6:00 PM

June 5
Chuck Galey, author and Illustrator

June 12

June 19
Robert Day the Magician

June 26
John Stark, Story Teller and Naturalist

July 3
Bug Craft Fair
July 10
Summer Reading Finale: “Bug-tastic” Game Night

(Ages 13-17)
All teen programs are Mondays at 6:00 PM

June 9
Need to relax? Had a tough semester? Join us for meditation and yoga!

June 16
Cartooning with John Read, Publisher and Editor of Stay Tooned Magazine

June 23
Play Etiquette Jeopardy! Last day to register for Teen Summer Reading Program
June 30
Volunteer and Career Faire

July 7
Party and Awards Ceremony and finale with Watts Up Jams

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's almost SUMMER!

Wow! Get ready for a great summer. Register at your library for the 2008 Summer Reading Program - Catch the Reading Bug! Check out the fun links and a calendar with summer programs listed and we'll post pictures here on the blog and on our Flickr page! We'll have 'buggy' fun all summer!